How To Make Peace With Your Landlord

My uncle Peace made a living as a landlord for many years and, when I started renting, he had plenty of advice. I sat down with him to put together the most important things to know and to do when checking out a new place to live. While uncle Peace was a good and honest landlord, many are not. Here...

Buying a Farm/ Plot in Zimbabwe- The Ingredients

In Zimbabwe, there's something good about standing on your own private land holding and letting that soil sift through your fingers, a feeling of pride, independence and security as you survey your personal farm or plot. But besides pride, there are plenty of good reasons to buy a farm or plot. Price is one of them. You can find reasonably...


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Through our history, Terezim Fortress Properties (TFP) has been a respected, leading real estate company in Zimbabwe. Terezim fortress Properties through real estate sales, rentals and property management has cultivated numerous relationships and earned the trust of Zimbabweans.


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